Ultimate State of Being

The more I cover myself with the world of dust,
The more I allow it to lure me,
The more I will remain its prisoner,
Bound by its rules,
Blinded by its darkness,
And hindered by its ways
The moment of withdrawal,
The moment of renewal,
That moment of letting go of this worldly cover,
the moment of letting God in,
That moment of being free of worldly rules,
and anticipation of rather Divine Rules,
Is the moment of true freedom…

The moment of wearing glasses of love,
And seeing the peaceful dove,
Visualizing the love in all,
In all souls, and sensing the love of the Lord
That moment is the moment of Serenity…

The moment of being armed
with the Sword of the tongue,
A weapon enamored with the wine of kindness,
Not the wine of callousness,
Otherwise the sword can be a knife filled with death rather than life
The moment when the fire of the tongue
is used to bring life…
That moment is the moment of strength…
The moment of amnesia,
Amnesia of self,
Forgetfulness of self,
And rather remembrance of God,
Of full orientation to His Will…
That moment is the moment of connectedness…
The moment of blood vessels
filled with warm blood,
Warm blood filling veins and arteries,
Filling up every cell,
Making the heart beat gracefully

The warm blood of Love of God
penetrating our being…
That moment is the moment of renunciation…
That moment is the moment of Purity,
That moment is the moment of Humility
That moment is a heavenly state of being…
That moment is the ultimate state of being…
That moment is the state of prayer.

By Nur KM

Teachable Moments

Baha'is Exploring Social Justice

By Carol Mansour

In The Advent of Divine Justice Shoghi Effendi declares, “… Every organized community enlisted under the banner of Bahá’u’lláh should feel it to be its first and inescapable obligation to nurture, encourage, and safeguard every minority belonging to any faith, race, class, or nation within it.”

There are several things that Black and Indigenous believers experience when we engage in conversations about race with those who have not made our nurturance, encouragement and safety a priority. These occur in person as well as on virtual platforms. It is not unusual for us to hear that we are overly sensitive, divisive, not patient enough, and/or ungrateful. The predictability is painful enough that many of us opt out of participating, or step away from the Faith. With heightened awareness of the racial divide in the nation, the conversations are happening with increasing frequency. Some discussions involve people new to…

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